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We’re Hiring! The Lab’s new Managing Director will lead the Lab’s work going forward, helping to refine the vision and strategy for the Lab, map resources to goals, ensure the Lab’s capacity responds to demand in the sector, and build the Lab’s long-term sustainability. Interested candidates should submit credentials and a letter of interest through The 360 Group at

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Climate engagement resources organized by state

Yale Climate Opinion Maps

Interactive U.S. mapping of climate opinions

Climate Chat

An everyday guide to the science of talking about climate change.

new climate resources

Cary Funk and Mark Strauss, Pew Research Center

More Americans (63%) think "monitoring key parts of the Earth's climate system" should be a top priority for NASA than they do any other potential priority, according to this wide-ranging survey, conducted March 27-April...

M + R

While nonprofit groups' email lists expanded by 11% in 2017 (and by 13% on Facebook, 15% on Twitter and 44% on Instagram), open rates and response rates for advocacy emails shrank by 1% and 2.2% respectively. Visits to...

Beverly Gage, NY Times

If turning out thousands, or even millions, of outraged citizens merely indicates potential, how and when do we decide that a movement actually exists?  In recent decades, the right has built movements within...