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NRDC and American Viewpoint

Only 22 percent of respondents believe the federal government spends too much on protecting the environment. Nearly two-thirds of Americans oppose cutting funding for the Environmental Protection Agency; programs that reduce pollution in low-income and minority communities; and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, providers of forecasts and early warnings about dangerous weather and natural disasters. The strongest support for these safeguards and programs—and opposition to cutbacks—is from Democrats and Independents. But a sizable number of Republicans, more than one-third in most cases, also oppose them. 

NBC News/Wall Street Journal

By a 16-point margin, Americans in "Trump counties" (ones where President Obama won in 2012 but Trump won in 2016 or where Trump performed at least 20 points higher in 2016 than Romney did in 2012) oppose him "pulling the United States out of the Paris climate change accords with other nations" (48% oppose vs. 32% support). Opposition is much more intense than support, with 37% strongly opposing Trump's decision compared with 20% strongly supporting it. 

Kristen Grimm and Emily Gardner, Spitfire Strategies

What can we learn from companies about how they win the "battle for our attention" to transform civic engagement from a hobby to a habit? Smart communications can help channel interest or outrage into civic action, that becomes a way of life for new and more experienced activists. A few recommendations: Make it timely, personal, and high-stakes. Inoculate against misinformation and spend time finding common ground. Expand perspectives through experiences. Give people tangible actions to take. Avoid blaming losses on external factors beyond people’s control. Encourage people to form alliances that create and grow power.