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We Are The Great Turning Podcast

We welcome you to the kitchen table of the legendary eco-spiritual teacher Joanna Macy, where we’ll dive into what it takes to live with our hearts and integrity intact in this time of global crisis. You’ll be guided into these conversations by Jess Serrante, a longtime activist and student of Joanna’s. Together, we’ll discover abiding wisdom that can help us stay joyful and energized as we work toward a more just and life-sustaining world. Joanna Macy, PhD, is a scholar of Buddhism, systems thinking, and deep ecology who has been working for peace, justice, and the preservation of life on Earth for seven decades. Jessica Serrante is a coach, facilitator, and trainer who has been supporting activists in the climate movement since 2007. Episodes include (for example): “Breathing Through,” “This Pain Is Not for Nothing,” “There Is No Future if We Go Numb,” and more.

IMPACT ASSESSMENT: Findings Report (2021 - 2023)

Investments by The Solutions Project (TSP) in climate justice grantee partners delivered large-scale impact in the 2021-2023 period. Frontline Solutions’ analysis found that grantee partners also reported over one million direct program beneficiaries and engaged over 77,000 members in their base-building work in the last three years. TSP grantee partners advance equity-centered climate solutions and systems change. TSP’s unique approach strengthens grantee partners and the climate justice movement ecosystem. Investments in the climate justice movement ecosystem achieve climate impact by shifting power, strengthening democracy, and transforming relationships. Grantee partners deeply value TSP’s field-building ecosystem approach, grant-making and narrative communications strategies, and the additional movement infrastructure support offered through the ecosystem funds.

Thriving Together: Boosting the well-being and performance of members and volunteers through the science of motivation

Organizers worldwide are using the science of motivation to create the conditions for deep learning, commitment, creativity, and performance required to achieve purpose in complex and uncertain political environments. This exclusive PowerLabs webinar is an introduction to the science of motivation and discover practical methods applicable in most organizing contexts. The organizers are achieving extraordinary outcomes by creating environments that support members in meeting the universal psychological needs for autonomy, relatedness, and competence.

10 Tips for how the Climate Movement can Improve Experiences for Activists with Diverse Health Needs

There is a growing awareness of the urgent need to create activist spaces that are accessible, welcoming and provide material support for people with diverse health needs. But how can this actually be achieved? This resource summarizes the activists’ experiences, insights and recommendations that they shared in the interviews. Offer material support. Provide a diversity of actions for people to take part in. Normalize people coming in and out of movements as their needs and circumstances change. Have designated welcoming and support roles in groups to make sure every new member feels welcome.

Civil Resistance Against Climate Change

The Australian climate change movement is capitalizing on opportunities to create change by rapidly creating a multitude of flexible, grassroots groups which collectively engage in a multiplicity of diverse tactics and campaigns. These tactics include sharing information about climate change, building localized alternative social and economic structures, and obtaining climate change action commitments from organizations, as well as sustained, targeted civil resistance.

Info session for the Blueprint for MRXC Climate Coalitions training series

The Lab is planning a four-part training series based on our Blueprint for MRXC Climate Coalitions project. Our goal is to help the Lab community develop more durable, effective, and equitable coalitions to win the climate solutions we need. This series is open to advocates who want help setting up a coalition, are currently working in coalition, or just want to learn best-practices for their next coalition. Come to this info session to learn more about the timeline, scope, and design principles for this all-new training series!


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