Lab Testimonials

“The resources the Lab provides has helped us shape our climate messaging to be more effective and has given us some polling and data to back up our work. The tests we've run through the lab have helped us adjust our own deep organizing model and more effectively recruit and move volunteers up the ladder of engagement.”

Flora Cardoni


“Engaging with the Lab has helped instill a greater appreciation for data-driven decision making in our organization.”

Courtenay Tuxhorn

The Climate Reality Project

“There are many organizations doing similar work to IEC in other states, but there are few effective options for sharing what we've learned. The Lab provides a hub to learn about what has and hasn't worked elsewhere, access to powerful tools and findings that our small organization could not get otherwise, and helps us avoid doing redundant work, saving us time and resources.”

Matt Steffen

Illinois Environmental Council

“I am an analyst. I believe that data becomes information, and information informs intelligent decisions. So the Lab is a decision-support platform that the world needs more of!”

David Takahashi


“In Nov 2018, the Lab worked extensively through our first research project idea to connect to low propensity voters of color. The Lab helped us each step of the way (from concept to implementation to evaluation) and were amazing partners both in values and in utilizing their resources to support community-led work.”

Tiffany Mendoza

Front and Centered

“Whenever I click through the Lab alerts and resources sent to my email, I never know quite what to expect or if it will be relevant to my work. But so often, the resources and clearly digestible research I'm presented with is truly transformative. I feel like I regularly think back to, and shift my organizing, based on some of the evidence I've learned from Lab alerts/resources. Two specific examples that stand out are: how to most effectively make "risky" asks and specific language and frames to impel action, rather than apathy, around climate change.”

Nikita Perumal

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

“Join the Lab. Even if you think your work isn't that climate focused, it probably is (or could be) and you'd be in the room with smart people who are thinking about how to solve problems facing all of us.”

Amit Mistry

Center for Popular Democracy

“The Climate Advocacy Lab is becoming a drawer in my proverbial toolchest of building persuasive stories.”

David Takahashi


“The Climate Advocacy Lab VALIDATES ME. I came to my org with a data-driven perspective and we didn't have the tools to get the insights I wanted to learn. I also came from broad green economy work that includes clean energy along with many other issues -- everything from fair trade labor standards to GMOs. I didn't know how to find research and insights that I could apply specifically to climate and clean energy advocacy. Being part of the Climate Advocacy Lab and gaining resources and connections has allowed me to make a strong case and transition my org to a much better position for data-driven learning, and gain learnings from allies in the field that I would never have the capacity and resources to achieve on my own.”

Misha D. Clive

Vote Solar

“A benefit of working with the Lab is learning about experiments that other organizations have run and getting insights that I can apply to the work that I do. Also, being able to point other organizers to a library of resources that they can use to improve their work.”

Randall Smith


“The Lab offers easy access to a huge update library of resources, test cases, and other valuable documents. It also has an easy-going and accessible staff who can help craft cutting edge campaigns based off the latest data and who is always willing to make connections across orgs to ensure we're learning from each other all the time.”

Peter Daigle

The Wilderness Society

“There are new research and ideas that we're able to explore more deeply because of the Lab's Resource Library and website. In addition, the ability to talk through the problems that we are facing, think through systemic challenges, and find ways to start addressing them through research has been an important journey.”

Tiffany Mendoza

Front and Centered

“Joining the Lab has been a great way for me to keep my finger on the pulse of climate research and maintain a grasp on what social science is saying about advocacy work. Whether or not I use specific findings for a specific project, I find myself referencing studies I've read or webinars I've attended with the Lab when considering the most effective or strategic ways to fight the climate crisis. It encourages me to do more testing and research in my organizing work, as well.”

Chelsea Watson

Sierra Club

“In 2018, the Lab supported a WEC project testing digital list-building strategies to grow the base of supporters for clean energy campaigns. The first stage tested which ad messages were most effective. In Washington, we found that negative ads performed far better than positive ads, with anti-Trump ads being most effective and anti-fossil fuels the second most effective. The second stage tested which messengers were most effective. We found that a local community-based organization was a more effective messenger for communities of color than the Alliance for Jobs & Clean Energy campaign, and the Washington State Labor Council was a more effective messenger for the labor audience. As a result of this test, we added nearly 10k names to Washington's campaign list, and over 10k names to Oregon's.”

Kristi Nakata

Washington Environmental Council

“In Spring of 2019, the Lab provided KFTC a micro-grant to evaluate the impact of our new Power House Project for rural electric cooperative organizing, which KFTC has begun the year before. The evaluation process, and the support that Lab staff provided to us throughout it, was incredibly valuable for identifying the concrete impacts, successes, and not quite's of the project. I don't think we would have been able to devote quite so much rigor or time to evaluating the project without the Lab's support. The evaluation process ended with a national webinar to other advocates of energy democracy and electric co-op organizing, which the Lab also helped us set up. It was rewarding and humbling to see so many other organizations taking away concrete lessons or plans from the work we could share–and we're truly grateful to the Lab for facilitating that sharing process.”

Nikita Perumal

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

“Work with the Climate Advocacy Lab if you want to find smart insights into public engagement and policy campaigns, especially when it comes to polling and other data points.”

Andrea Sanchez Davidson

Energy Foundation

“The Lab provides a space to share things that have been tried (whether they worked or not) since we all can't try everything -- and that way we can build off what someone else did. We can talk through shared challenges and work to overcome them together.”

Amit Mistry

Center for Popular Democracy

“The climate advocacy space in the US is at the forefront of bridging science and society. This would not be happening without the online and in-person community that the Lab has created and continues to nurture and build. This stuff simply doesn't happen on its own. It requires a space, and it also requires an organization that legitimizes these connections as something that can and should be done more often.”

Adam Seth Levine

Cornell University and research4impact