Our Impact

The Climate Advocacy Lab helps advocates transform public support into political power for climate action.

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In just a few years, the Climate Advocacy Lab has changed the climate advocacy field.

Since 2015, our membership has grown into a community of over 3,400 climate advocates, organizers, field and academic researchers, and data specialists. Since 2015, our team has facilitated over 70 in-person trainings and workshops for more than 1,500 participants in 25 states and the District of Columbia -- from Santa Barbara to Sioux Falls, Birmingham to Boston. We have also produced over 100 online trainings serving hundreds of climate advocates of all stripes.

The Lab team may only be 8 staff, but our impact is felt movement-wide. Organizations using our tools and insights have passed laws, stopped rollbacks of environmental protections, and supercharged their public engagement campaigns. Most importantly, we continue to increase the sophistication and connectivity across the climate advocacy field, and the appetite among climate advocates to work smarter. Our insights and best practices save money and time, and help organizations build more political power to win more and faster.

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