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10 Recommendations on How to Campaign on Energy When Everybody Is Thinking about War
Stefan Flothmann and Ieva Rozentāle, Mindworks Lab. Medium

This resource proposes 10 recommendations for campaigners to strengthen their energy advocacy. These are rooted in 4 future scenarios of how public perceptions and mindsets around energy independence could evolve in the coming months. Recommendations include: Engage people in developing an energy-saving plan to become less dependent on Russian imports. Make the objectives in your plan tangible by adding numbers to them. Aim to unite people behind some ideas supported by majorities. Congratulate the effort and sacrifice. Showcase or create visible innovators and early movers. Gradually raise the bar and establish the new standards as normal even before they become law. Connect the new norms to new or old identities. Make the best use of the efforts of various research organisations to study the changes in public opinion. Be extremely sensitive and listen to any narrative of injustice that evolves. Be mindful and vigilant in your response to divisive forces.