Public Resource
Civil Resistance Against Climate Change
Robyn Gulliver, Kelly S. Fielding, and Winnifred R. Louis. International Center on Nonviolent Conflict
The Australian climate change movement is capitalizing on opportunities to create change by rapidly creating a multitude of flexible, grassroots groups which collectively engage in a multiplicity of diverse tactics and campaigns. These tactics include sharing information about climate change, building localized alternative social and economic structures, and obtaining climate change action commitments from organizations, as well as sustained, targeted civil resistance. The two case studies demonstrate that waging civil resistance has achieved some success, including substantially delaying new coal mines, securing divestment commitments, and strengthening the movement at large. However, despite these successes, Australia’s response to the climate crisis remains woefully inadequate. This report prompts further analysis of civil resistance against climate change to help identify the most effective strategies for urgently addressing our global climate emergency.