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Comprehensive Building Blocks for a Regenerative & Just 100% Policy
The 100% Network

Recommendations for a comprehensive approach to achieving 100% regenerative energy that is centered on justice include:

  • Ensure 100% transition off of fossil fuels
  • Set aggressive targets
  • Impose a comprehensive scope of coverage
  • Define what is renewable
  • Transition from a for-profit utility model and push for utility reform
  • Center Just Transition in policy
  • Prioritize and identify environmental justice and frontline populations and communities
  • Promote gender justice
  • Advance tribal sovereignty and rights
  • And more!

Among several sets of “Building Blocks” provided are those for:

  • Just Transition and Prioritizing the Frontline
  • Land, Transportation and Buildings
  • Public Health, Careers and Workers
  • Siting, Ownership and Geography
  • Distributed Generation and the Grid
  • Financing and Energy Safety Net
  • Public Participation and Governance
  • Fuel Switching, Disposal, and Recycling

A helpful section on “Key Concepts to Be Mindful Of” helps break down examples of keywords from fossil fuel and utility policies that are used to stop a transition to a 100% regenerative economy.