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Cooperative Opportunity: Pushing for Cleaner Energy
Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition

Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition's (FCAC), a community-led grassroots organization working towards climate justice on Lower Tanana Dene lands in interior Alaska. This report was developed by their Renewable Energy Working Group in partnership with the Lab to capture and share out the learnings of their in their longest standing campaign organizing around their local electric cooperative, Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA) which provides electricity for almost 100,000 residents in Interior Alaska. It shares reflections on the how their bottom-up organizing structure led to wins, the challenges they faced, and the lessons that can be learned to succeed in future campaigns. It also contains actionable insights for other organizations and individuals working to affect change with energy co-ops. See digital booklet version here.

Supported by the Climate Advocacy Lab's Climate Justice Microgrant Program.