Electric School Bus Initiative
World Resources Institute
World Resource Institute’s Electric School Bus Initiative aims to build unstoppable momentum toward an equitable transition of the entire U.S. school bus fleet to electric by 2030, bringing health, climate and economic benefits to children and families across the country and normalizing electric mobility for an entire generation. Together with partners, WRI is working in six areas of focus, whereby they: support school districts in accelerating the equitable transition to electric school buses; collaborate with manufacturers across the electric school bus supply chain in preparing for an equitable and sustainable transition; work with electric utilities to improve interconnection and investments for electric school bus charging infrastructure, including supportive rates and tariffs; facilitate understanding of electric school bus business models and promote the expansion of funding and finance options in the electric school bus market; engage policymakers at the federal, state and municipal levels to reduce barriers to equitable school bus electrification; center communities in pursuing school bus electrification and work with community-focused organizations to help provide the tools and resources to make it happen.