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Environmental Polling Roundup - March 15th, 2024
David Gold, Environmental Polling Consortium

This post includes climate and environment headlines, data points, and key takeaways from recent public polls - including new polling about President Biden’s record on climate change and clean energy + new research on messaging about electric vehicles.



Climate Power + Data for Progress
Voters are on the fence about President Biden’s handling of climate change and the environment, but their approval grows when they learn about his record - particularly among young voters [MemoCrosstabs]

[Latino Voters] Climate Power en Acción + Data for Progress
Latino voters widely recognize that clean energy investment can lower costs and create good jobs, and side with arguments in favor of the clean energy transition and oil and gas accountability over opposition arguments [MemoCrosstabs]

[Latino Voters] Climate Power
Messaging about Biden and Trump on climate change and clean energy significantly shifts Latino voters toward Biden; Latino voters are inclined to trust Biden over Trump on these issues but, like other voters, don’t have a clear recollection of Trump’s environmental record [Memo]

Potential Energy Coalition
Messaging in support of EVs is most effective when it emphasizes affordability, choice, and reducing pollution [Report]



Key audiences continue to show limited awareness of the Biden administration’s climate accomplishments. As polls consistently show that voters aren’t hearing much about President Biden’s climate record but widely support his climate actions when they learn about them, new polling data released by Climate Power, Climate Power en Acción, and Data for Progress shows that education about Biden’s climate and environmental record is particularly impactful in improving his standing among young voters and Latino voters. In addition to major legislative accomplishments like the IRA, Climate Power and Data for Progress find that the Biden administration’s actions to clean up drinking water and strengthen pollution standards are especially well-received.
Advocates can shift public attitudes about electric vehicles, but it requires us to combat common beliefs about pollution and costs. New research by the Potential Energy Coalition finds that the current political polarization over EVs is underpinned by beliefs that electric vehicles are too expensive for widespread use and no better for the environment than gas-powered cars. Through extensive message testing, they find that the most effective messages for lifting support for government EV programs tackle these concerns head-on by communicating how electric vehicles are “pollution-free” and how continued investment in EVs will make them cheaper for everyday consumers. Additionally, they find a lot of promise in affordability messaging that emphasizes how lowering EV costs will give more Americans the freedom and choice to drive one if they want - directly undercutting common opposition messaging about EV expansion limiting consumer choices.



[Biden Administration] 80% of voters support the Biden administration setting a national drinking water standard [Climate Power + Data for Progress]
[Biden Administration] 79% of voters support the Biden administration investing in upgrades to our nation’s infrastructure system, such as electrical grids [Climate Power + Data for Progress]
[Biden Administration] 77% of voters support the Biden administration strengthening existing regulations to accelerate the removal of lead service lines and address lead-based paint hazards [Climate Power + Data for Progress]
[Biden Administration] 74% of voters support the Biden administration strengthening existing pollution standards to significantly reduce emissions of toxic and other harmful air pollution from chemical plants [Climate Power + Data for Progress]
[Latino Voters] 85% of Latino voters are concerned about air and water pollution, including 51% who are “very” concerned [Climate Power en Acción + Data for Progress]
[Latino Voters] 77% of Latino voters are concerned about climate change, including 47% who are “very” concerned [Climate Power en Acción + Data for Progress]
[Latino Voters] 76% of Latino voters support a tax on the record profits of oil and gas companies, including 47% who “strongly” support it  [Climate Power en Acción + Data for Progress]
[Latino Voters] Latino voters have overwhelmingly positive attitudes about clean energy companies (66% favorable / 25% unfavorable) [Climate Power en Acción + Data for Progress]