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Environmental Polling Roundup - May 24th, 2024
David Gold, Environmental Polling Consortium

This post includes climate and environment headlines, data points, and key takeaways from recent public polls - including new polling on climate change in the presidential race, fossil fuel accountability, and PFAS + new qualitative research among Latino voters and new data on the long-term trends in Americans’ climate attitudes.

See this webpage for links to all the following resources.


Climate Power + Data for Progress – Voters say that they are less likely to vote for Trump after learning that he asked for $1 billion from the oil industry and vowed to cater to the industry’s interests if elected [The Hill Article, Memo, Crosstabs]

Navigator – New limits on “forever chemicals” in drinking water are overwhelmingly popular; voters say that cracking down on corporate price gouging should be the top priority for addressing inflation, and most also say that it should be a priority to switch to lower cost clean energy [Release]

Yale + GMU – Long-term trends in Americans’ climate attitudes show increased understanding that global warming is happening and harming Americans [Article]

[Latinos] Climate Power en Acción – Information about President Biden’s climate and clean energy accomplishments is persuasive with Latino voters; contrast messaging about Biden and Trump on climate change provides evidence that Biden can get things done and reinforces the notion that Trump only cares about himself and corporate interests [Memo]



  • Information about Biden’s and Trump’s contrasting approaches to climate change tells voters a lot about the candidates, beyond their policy differences. Recent polling has shown that messaging focused on climate and clean energy improves Biden’s standing with voters and increases perceptions that he can “get things done” as president. Now, new qualitative research findings released by Climate Power en Acción show that educating Latino voters about Biden’s and Trump’s climate records lessens concerns about Biden’s effectiveness as president and reinforces the idea that Trump is only in it for himself and his corporate donors.
  • Ties to the fossil fuel industry are a liability for political candidates this year. Navigator finds that voters want the federal government to prioritize cracking down on corporate price gouging as a way to address inflation, and recent Navigator polling also found that voters chiefly blame oil and gas companies for high gas prices and view the oil and gas industry as the country’s greediest. It follows that voters are wary of politicians who will continue Washington’s cozy relationship with oil and gas and, to that end, Climate Power and Data for Progress find that most voters would either rule out or reconsider voting for a candidate who promises handouts to the fossil fuel industry like Trump recently did.


  • [PFAS] 79% of voters support designating certain “forever chemicals” as hazardous substances, so that those responsible for contaminating our water supply would have to pay to clean them up [Navigator]
  • [Fossil Fuel Accountability + Elections] 61% of voters say that that a candidate encouraging oil and gas donations by telling industry executives that they would cut taxes and regulations on the industry would be a “deal-breaker” or make them “reconsider” their decision to vote for the candidate [Climate Power + Data for Progress]