Public Resource
International Public Opinion on Climate Change: Extreme Weather and Vulnerability, 2023
Anthony Leiserowitz, Marija Verner, Emily Goddard et al. Yale Program on Climate Change Communication
Large majorities in every country and territory surveyed said they have experienced an extreme weather event. This report describes self-reported public exposure to and preparedness for extreme weather disasters among Facebook users in 73 countries, territories, and geographic groups (hereafter referred to as “areas”) that are classified as “low-emissions” based on both their below-average per-capita CO2 emissions and low per-capita income. Majorities in all countries and territories reported experiencing an extreme weather event. Respondents in Puerto Rico and Uruguay (both 98%), as well as Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and El Salvador (all 96%) were the most likely to say they had experienced at least one extreme weather event. Respondents in Congo DRC (80%), Yemen (78%), and Angola (76%) were the least likely to say so. Respondents in nearly all areas were more likely to say they had recently experienced long periods of unusually hot weather than other hazards. Respondents in Taiwan (76%), El Salvador (72%), and Azerbaijan (71%) are the most likely to say they and anyone else in their household are either “not that prepared” or “not at all prepared” for extreme weather. Respondents reported experiencing unusually hot weather the most often in 62 out of 73 areas.