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A Just Transition: Creating the New Economy in Eastern Kentucky
Kentuckians For The Commonwealth and Chorus Foundation

When Kentucky’s leaders failed to do their job of writing a state implementation plan for the Clean Power Plan (CPP), Kentuckians for the Commonwealth (KFTC) realized that this was actually an opportunity to bring together residents from all over the state to share their vision for what Kentucky’s energy future could look like, generating shared, aspirational political will for a new economy powered by clean energy. They launched Empower Kentucky to help facilitate conversations not only about technical and policy questions folks might have, but to help answer broader ones like, “What direction would you like us to go in? What would your community need to benefit from a transition to clean energy?”

Throughout April and May 2016, KFTC hosted public meetings — called “A Seat at the Table” — in each of Kentucky’s six congressional districts, where attendees shared a locally-sourced meal and had a chance to watch a theater performance or listen to local music rooted in the themes of just transition and community. They then had time at their tables for discussion, sharing ideas, and learning from one another about how they can achieve a new vision for Kentucky’s future.

Feedback from the events informed the creation of a People's Plan and two-day summit in October of 2016. Additional coverage in the Nation