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Making the Most of Your Climate Advocacy Lab Membership

Rebecca Tamiru, Climate Advocacy Lab

Are you new to the Lab, or maybe looking for a refresher? Looking to utilize the Lab more effectively to achieve greater impacts in your climate advocacy work? Join us for a hands-on webinar where you'll learn about all the resources available to you to work smarter - not (just) harder - through the Climate Advocacy Lab!

The webinar will...

  • Help you understand the Lab's signature “evidence-based" approach to climate advocacy, and how it can increase the efficiency and impact of your work
  • Equip you to use maximize the Lab’s Resource Library and interactive tools, as well as provide you with inspiring, real-world examples of how your peers are using them to strengthen the impact in the field
  • Highlight opportunities for you to keep learning and collaborating with the Lab community through the various trainings, workshops, and webinars the Lab offers (free!) to our members
  • Support you to identify information immediately relevant to your work through an interactive “scavenger hunt” on the Lab’s online platform 
  • And answer as many of your questions as we can!

***For best results, PLEASE PLAN TO JOIN FROM A COMPUTER AND ON-VIDEO and plan for some interactive time on the site!***

This webinar is for Lab members only. Thanks in advance for not forwarding the registration link to non-members! Not sure? Email to recommend a climate colleague for Lab membership.