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Memo: Montana Voters Support the Clean Energy Standard
Data for Progress

A June 2021 poll found that 57% of Montana voters support the Biden Administration’s American Jobs Plan creating a national path to achieving 100 percent clean electricity by 2035. However, the support is very polarized: 95% of Democrats said they’re supportive, along with 53% of Independents, but just 32% of Republicans. Voters showed similar levels of support when asked about green investments, jobs, and consumer incentives associated with the American Jobs Plan.

560 “likely voters” were surveyed. The poll’s main question is phrased: “The American Jobs Plan includes a proposal that puts America on a path to achieving 100% clean and reliable electricity system by 2035. Do you support or oppose this proposal?” It’s notable that no concrete benefits or costs for voters were described in the survey’s framing—support/opposition may be radically different after real political messaging and organizing fights.. Exact survey wording can be found in the report PDF.