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Organizing with Digital Tools Training Cohort

Climate Advocacy Lab

The program will consist of bi-weekly trainings, office hours, and 1:1 coaching, as well as pre-work assignments.

Participants will gain: 

  • Actionable insight into ways that digital tools can expand the power of your existing organizing work.  
  • Broad knowledge of the ways in which organizers across the progressive movement use digital tools for organizing and campaign work that can adapted and applied to your own situation. 
  • Insight into the points at which your specific flavor of organizing can leverage the power of a particular digital tool or approach. 
  • Confidence in choosing adequate tools to augment your organizing and campaigning 
  • Confidence in advocating for your use of digital tools within your organization 
  • Relationships with other organizers dealing with similar issues, a space to learn together, and a space to support each other in navigating the work.  

The curriculum of this program will be: 

  • Deep dive into organizing and campaigning with digital tools 
  • Recruiting and engaging new supporters with digital tools 
  • Building digital communities to facilitate organizing 
  • Lowering internal barriers to adopting or further integrating digital tools 

This training program in digital tools will be collaborative, hands-on, and include small groups and scenario-based exercises. We will work to build a sense of community and shared learning. Despite our commitment to hands-on learning and incorporation of scenario-based exercises, this curriculum does not focus on the how-to's of using specific digital tools. Instead, it focuses on a holistic approach to integrating digital tools into your organizing and imparting a working knowledge on how to make it happen. 

If you have questions, please reach out to Nathan Henderson-James (