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Poll: Americans Back Tough Limits on Building in Fire and Flood Zones
Bo MacInnis and Jon Krosnick, Resources for the Future

A recent poll looking at American attitudes towards new regulations on development in the wake of record numbers of wildfires and hurricanes show broad support for policies to increase resilience and help protect communities from floods and fires. In addition, 75% of Americans say they have personally felt the affects of climate change 75% of Americans say they have personally observed effects of climate change

  • A majority of Americans support policies to increase resilience to and help protect communities from wildfires including: prohibiting development near fire-prone areas (58%), requiring people to purchase fire insurance (60%), removing dead vegetation in forests (76%), helping Americans who lose their homes due to fires (79%), increasing the number of firefighters (85%), and requiring use of fireresistant building materials (87%).
  • A majority of Americans similarly support policies that increase resilience to and help protect communities from floods, including: prohibiting development in flood-prone areas (57%), paying people to move to live in safer places (59%), requiring flood insurance (66%), helping Americans who lose homes due to floods (77%), requiring new building codes to minimize flood damage (84%), and doing construction to encourage quicker water drainage (87%).