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Poll: Connecticut Voters are Ready for Bold Action on Climate and Clean Energy
Global Strategies Group for the Barr Foundation

A poll of 600 registered voters across Connecticut revealed a number of helpful data points about current voter attitudes towards clean energy and fossil fuels including:

  • ​​​​​​​The vast majority of Connecticut voters surveyed (88%) think that climate change is either a problem or a crisis, and eight in ten voters surveyed think it's getting worse.
  • While a significant majority of voters support a plan to transition to zero emissions by 2050 (68%) and zero carbon electricity (70%), voters are generally split on whether gas is a clean energy source, suggesting there is more work to do in public messaging and education about the role that gas plays in worsening carbon emissions.
  • Despite the strong support for zero emissions and zero carbon electricity, the survey suggests some voters aren’t completely convinced these plans are realistic. Still, at least half of voters called these plans either “very realistic” or “somewhat realistic”.
  • Across nearly every question throughout the poll, the survey found that Black and Hispanic voters expressed more support for clean energy solutions than white voters, underscoring how critical it is to engage communities of color in communications and coalition building on clean energy issues.
  • Voters overwhelmingly support (91%) the state government taking action to repair leaking gas pipes to prevent methane pollution, but only (40%) of voters are aware of actual policies to address methane pollution.