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Poll: Maryland Voters Support Action on Climate and Transportation
Maryland League of Conservation Voters

A poll conducted in January of 2021 finds strong support for policies to improve transportation systems and address climate change in the state.  96% of Maryland voters say that ensuring safe and timely commutes to work for Marylanders is an important objective. Around 60% of Marylander voters say that reducing traffic congestion, reducing pollution that contributes to asthma and lung disease, and ensuring low-income communities and communities of color have access to public transportation are very important issues for the Maryland Transportation Authority. Furthermore, nearly 66% of Maryland voters say that Maryland should immediately increase spending on public transportation infrastructure and support a variety of transportation investments, including by not limited to: investing in repairing and maintaining current transportation infrastructure, adding new bus routes and train lines to address transportation inaccessibility, providing tax credits or rebates to those purchasing electric vehicles, and adding bike lanes.

Maryland voters also support a wide variety of climate policies aimed at addressing climate change. Voters expressed support for planting new 4.5 million new trees over the next nine years (86% support), requiring oil and gas companies to contribute to costs related to climate change adaptation (76%), requiring fossil fuel companies to pay a fee on their carbon pollution (74%), and requiring utility companies in Maryland to generate 100% of their electricity from renewable sources by 2030 (72%).