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Poll: More Than Four in Five Say Cracking Down on Corporate Greed Should Be a Priority
Maryann Cousens. Navigator
New rules for “forever chemicals” in drinking water are overwhelmingly popular. Voters say that cracking down on corporate price gouging should be the top priority for addressing inflation, and most also say that it should be a priority to switch to lower cost clean energy. The majority of voters rate “cracking down on corporations that are price gouging on things like food and gas” (58%) as a “top priority” (9-10 on a 0-10 scale of prioritization) for the government to deal with inflation, ahead of other possible solutions such as reining in the high cost of health care and prescription drugs (53%), cutting government spending and debt (46%), and making it easier to buy or rent a home (45%). Most voters say that switching to lower cost clean energy should also be a priority for addressing inflation. Nearly two-thirds of voters (65%) rate it as a “priority” (7+ on a 0-10 scale) for the government to address inflation by “bringing down energy bills by switching to lower cost clean energy,” including about one-third (36%) who rate it as a “top priority” (9-10). Following recent EPA actions to clean up PFAS contamination, nearly four in five voters (79%) say that they support these actions to designate certain “forever chemicals” as hazardous substances that polluters are required to pay to clean up.