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Poll: The Urgency of Water

Beck Research for the Walton Family Foundation
  • Despite a crowded national issue agenda, Americans want action on the environment and prioritize protecting access to clean, safe water.
  • America is bracing for a worsening environment. 57% expect the condition of the environment to get worse for the next generation; only 12% think things will be better and 31% think the environment will be the same.
  • The top two things that Americans expect to get worse center on the environment; 57% think “damage from natural disasters” and 51% think “the environment where we live” will be worse in the next twenty years.
  • There is a broad consensus that the U.S. needs to take more action. Fully 72% say that more needs to be done and 73% think humans can take action to reduce the impacts of climate change.
  • 88% of Americans think companies have an obligation to take more action on environmental issues