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Poll: What Do Video Gamers Think About Global Warming?
Anthony Leiserowitz, Jennifer Carman, Marina Psaros, Liz Neyens, Seth Rosenthal, Jennifer Marlon and Malika Srivastava. Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

Americans who play video games are generally more personally concerned about climate change than the rest of the country, making them good targets for appeals to take action. About three in four video gamers (73%) think global warming is happening, and the majority of video gamers (56%) understand that global warming is mostly human-caused. These proportions are nearly identical to the proportions in the U.S. population overall, as measured in the Climate Change in the American Mind study conducted in April and May of 2022 (72% believe global warming is happening, 56% believe it is human-caused). Seven in ten video gamers (70%) say they are either “somewhat” or “very” worried about global warming, compared with 64% of the U.S. population overall. About half of video gamers are at least “moderately confident” that people from the gaming community, working together, can affect what local businesses (52%), corporations (52%), their state government (50%), the federal government (49%), or their local government (48%) does about global warming.