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Poll: Widespread support for California’s existing net metering policy
Benenson Strategy Group

A large majority of Californians support existing net metering policy, and broadly oppose a proposal that reduces credits for people who contribute solar power to the electric grid.

  • 71% believe the state of California should be doing more to encourage the use of solar power vs. just 14% who say it should be doing less.
  • 80% of California voters support net metering (after hearing a neutral description of the policy), vs just 11% who oppose it.
  • 64% of voters oppose a proposal to “reduce the credit that people who have rooftop solar receive from their local utility for any extra electricity that their rooftop solar generates and feeds back to the grid.” 
  • Keeping energy bills low is a priority for California voters – and they are far more likely to blame rising electricity bills on "utility companies seeking to boost or maintain their profits" (56%) and "managing wildfire risks" (38%) than anything related to solar.