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Polling 101: What is it, when and how to utilize it
Environmental Polling Consortium & Climate Advocacy Lab

You don’t have to be a polling expert to utilize polling data in your work. Polling is an important tool in the movement’s toolbox and any advocate can gain an understanding of how to interpret poll data and to glean strategic guidance from it. Join the Lab and the Environmental Polling Consortium (EPC) for an introductory webinar on utilizing public opinion research for your campaigns. 

This webinar will:

  • Demystify polling and show how it can be a powerful tool for climate advocacy; 
  • Provide direction on where to find relevant polling data and how to utilize it in your advocacy;
  • Share examples of how organizations in the movement have used polling to super-charge their advocacy; and
  • Answer questions participants have!

This is a 1-hour webinar with an optional 30 minute Q&A to follow.