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Public Opinion On Climate: The State of Play in 2023
Global Strategy Group

Voters overwhelmingly support the clean energy transition, including clean energy projects in their own communities. Key messaging and language findings include the resonance of “clean energy jobs,” connecting H.R. 1 to Big Oil CEOs, and making sure that “no community is left behind”. 79% of voters support building new power lines in their community that transmit electricity generated by clean energy. 78% of voters support building new solar panel farms in their community. 77% of voters agree with this statement: “We don’t have to choose between building our economy and protecting our environment. We can do both.” 73% of voters support building new wind turbines in their community. 72% of voters agree with the statement that “as we move to clean energy, we need to make sure that no community is left behind, including the communities of color that have been harmed the most by pollution from fossil fuels.” 67% of voters agree that the U.S. government should take strong action to combat climate change.