Reflections + Resources from an Act of Collective Imagination: And 8 Tips for Fanning the Flames of Possibility

Adam Horowitz, U.S. Department of Arts & Culture

As the founding Director of the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture (a non-profit) transitions out of leadership, he shares reflections and resources related to cultural strategy and responding to the question, how might we build creative people-power to respond to the social and ecological crises of our times and to advance practices, narratives, and policies for a more liberatory world?

In addition to insightful and poignant reflections, this article includes several resources, including free guides and toolkits, resources for cultural policy, videos, recordings of online salons and events, a blog, and the USDAC's statement of values.

Climate Solutions

How do we promote clean energy, energy efficiency, and other supportive policies?

Climate Solutions
Equity & JusticeHow do we integrate issues of equity and justice into our advocacy?
Equity & Justice
Measuring Progress

How do we gauge the impact of public education and mobilization efforts?

Measuring Progress
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