Public Resource
Strategy and Execution of the Fight for $15 Minimum Wage
Mat Hanson, The Forge

This series chronicles the Fight for 15 organizing campaigns in various U.S. cities and states over the past few decades. Examples include Detroit, Chicago, and Seattle. Various articles and interviews—written by different authors—describe the history of organizing efforts, policy goals, and organizing strategies behind both victories and losses. Multiple articles focus on the successful Florida 2020 minimum wage ballot question campaign—particularly the role of workers on the campaign, digital and communications GOTV tactics, and what overall lessons leftists and progressives can take away.

Other articles in the series focus on: worker organizing against industries that use the “franchise” model (e.g., McDonald’s); lessons one organizer learned in a fast-food organizing campaign loss in Detroit in the 1980’s; the development of labor-community relations in Chicago’s Fight for 15; how lessons from the Fight for 15 can be applied to campaigns to expand labor law, broadly; the economic impacts of minimum wage increases; the racist history of the sub-minimum wage (e.g., for tipped workers such as servers); and organizing efforts of tipped workers.