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Tipsheet: The 11-Point Guide to Getting Started with Digital Tools
Climate Advocacy Lab

Figuring out where to start with digital tools can be daunting. Check out these practical tips for moving forward incorporating digital tools into your climte advocacy work. Here are the first three tips – open up the tip sheet to see more!

  1. Ensure there is internal alignment on the use of digital tools. Getting people on the same page in understanding the power of and specific ways the tools should be used by your organization means that management will understand how to best support their use across the organization. 
  2. Identify your current organizational goals and the strategies for meeting them. Digital tools are most useful when they are deployed to help you do what you are already doing. They and the people who use them should not be siloed from the rest of the organization. Clarity on goals and strategies gives you a plan for implementing your digital strategy.
  3. Once you have your goals, choose platforms that will give you the best match between them, your audience/constituency, and your theory of change. For instance, if you plan to use digital tools to galvanize actions beyond sharing posts, then pick Facebook over Twitter. If you plan to reach young people using narratives, choose TikTok or Instagram Stories. If you want to set a narrative or be a thought leader, choose Twitter.