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Tipsheet: Integrating Equity

Climate Advocacy Lab

"How do we integrate considerations of social justice and equity into our organizational and campaign plans in a way that is meaningful and results in just solutions to the climate crisis?"

The Climate Advocacy Lab’s recommendations for integrating equity address four critical aspects of how and where we must deal with these issues. In order to properly integrate social equity into our work, we cannot simply aim to improve organizational (or coalition) strategy and individual work plan goals, but must also engage in personal transformation and culture change. This tipsheet captures the Lab's guidance of best practices to diagnose, design, and implement equity-based interventions into our advocacy work. Insights include:

  • The need to identify why matters of equity and justice matter to you personally
  • Clarifying specific actions to achieve just and equitable outcomes in yoru work
  • Developing a cultural change strategy, and
  • Adopting "equity primes"