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Training for Impact: 2022 Spring Cohort

Dominique Thomas, Climate Advocacy Lab

The Training for Impact is a power building and organizing program designed to give you the skills you need to build the durable people-power necessary to win a just, equitable energy transition and a healthy and safe future for our families and communities. This training is designed for emerging leaders in the climate movement: organizers and advocates with a minimum of one year of organizing experience who are looking to scale their work and/or deepen their ability to build the power necessary to win. Program curriculum will focus on:

  • Building power through blended organizing models and strategy
  • Campaign development, movement building, and scaling your work
  • Communications and Volunteer Engagement
  • Integration of the different critical capacities of social movements

This APPLICATION-ONLY THREE-month training is designed for a climate-identified organizer or advocate with at least one year of organizing experience - locally, regionally, and/or nationally. This is designed for people who are currently or looking to implement digital and offline organizing with existing environmental/climate work that they are looking to grow or scale, rather than new ideas/concepts that are in incubation. Program runs from March 22th to June 28th, 2022; APPLY BY MONDAY FEBRUARY 28TH.