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Twelve months of climate communications data
John Marshall and Jessica Lu. That’s Interesting (Potential Energy Medium newsletter)

Here are 12 of Potential Energy’s favorite climate insights from 2022 data. First, human stories beat abstract concepts, every time. Second, science — and scientists — still matter a lot. Third, conservatives moved their climate beliefs… but education is critical. Fourth, what politicians love to say . . . had some real believability issues. Fifth, social, collectivist actions were much easier to create than individual behavior changes. Sixth, climate salience went down, but extreme weather was key. Seventh, the left and the right actually agreed on something: nuclear energy. Eighth, actually, the left and the right also happened to agree on one more thing: energy independence! Ninth, and one last thing we all happen to agree on: fairness and accountability. Tenth, the IRA was a massive climate win, but there’s a long road ahead. Eleventh, sadly, we found that stopping clean energy projects will be much easier than supporting them. Twelfth, lastly, we learned a lot about testing … and are even less enamored with the usual polls.