Webinar: Our Power Puerto Rico: A campaign case study & framework for "Just Recovery"

Climate Advocacy Lab, Climate Justice Alliance

As communities and advocates worldwide work to respond adequately to increasing climate disasters, where can climate advocates find resources to advance just, equitable, and community-based disaster recovery?

In this webinar, Climate Advocacy Lab teamed up with Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) to discuss CJA's recently released multimedia report Our Power Puerto Rico: Moving Toward a Just Recovery (a project completed with support from the Lab!). During the conversation, authors, experts, and frontline organizers who contributed to the case study and report highlight tools (including the 'Just Recovery framework'), practices, and experiential lessons learned from applying a participatory model of "Just Recovery" to disaster response in Puerto Rico following hurricane María. 

Speakers shared:

  • Details of the Our Power PR campaign – including recaps of the on-the-ground brigades that were organized to support recovery; the efforts to bring clean energy to farms on the island; and the critical role food sovereignty and agroecology played (and play) in ongoing recovery
  • Best practices & lessons learned from the Just Recovery model of people-to-people disaster response
  • Some of the challenges in doing this work, and the insights that resulted from addressing these hurdles
  • ...And a robust Q&A (starting at 50:55 in the recording), where speakers addressed issues like where funding comes from for this work, the role of agroecology in a regenerative economy, and advice for how to support continued, on-the-ground efforts in PR.

A special thank you to all our guest speakers, including Jayeesha Dutta (Another Gulf Is Possible), Jesús Vázquez (Organización Boricua), Shakara Tyler (Black Dirt Farm Collective), Elizabeth Yeampierre (UPROSE), and Angela Adrar (CJA).  

Slides can be accessed by clicking the "Download File" button on this page. Members of the Climate Advocacy Lab can see the Lab's summary of the multimedia report here.


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