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Who are you talking to? The audience of an op-ed
Narrative Initiative

When writing an op-ed, you need an audience who is open to change and willing to drive a narrative out to other people. Your base, including activists and members, may be part of your audience, but op-eds typically try to find an audience beyond your base. Identify this audience by doing the following: clarify the people who have the ability to take action and change behavior based on the argument you want to make, get to know them and meet them where they are, learn how they most effectively communicate, and get their feedback. This resources describes the op-ed writing experience of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (EBC), an Oakland-based organization focused on organizing power in communities of Black, Brown and low-income people, when running police reform campaigns in Alameda County. This article also lists many other resources to check out for the various steps in the op-ed development process.