Social Science & Content Coordinator

The Climate Advocacy Lab

The Climate Advocacy Lab helps climate and clean energy advocates run smarter public engagement campaigns. Launched in 2015, the Lab has quickly grown to be a network of 2,000+ advocates, social scientists, data experts and funders developing and sharing evidence-based best practices for what works--and what doesn’t--for engaging and mobilizing Americans on climate and clean energy. In addition to running workshops and trainings for the community, the Lab also facilitates and gives grants to support field research aimed at testing how best to engage people on these issues.

Position Description

We’re Hiring! The Lab’s new Managing Director will lead the Lab’s work going forward, helping to refine the vision and strategy for the Lab, map resources to goals, ensure the Lab’s capacity responds to demand in the sector, and build the Lab’s long-term sustainability. Interested candidates should submit credentials and a letter of interest through The 360 Group at

Primary duties and responsibilities

  • Manage and improve the Lab’s Resource Library (note, this links to the public-facing Library, and additional content is available to members only)
  • Identify relevant new and existing social science academic literature and translate for an advocate audience
  • Prepare short syntheses of available research on various topics for an advocate audience
  • Liaise with members of the social science community interested in involvement with climate advocacy
  • Lead and/or advise on the design and analysis of field research projects related to climate engagement
  • Prepare materials for and participate in webinars and workshops

Knowledge, skills, and assets

  • Master’s degree in a relevant social science or data science field. PhD preferred
  • Academic expertise related to climate or other social issue advocacy
  • Experience using social media platforms for public engagement preferred
  • Excellent ability to develop content across various mediums (including concise written summaries, whitepapers, in-person presentations [PowerPoint], and webinars [Zoom])
  • Proficiency in managing a diverse, dynamic, multi-author content repository (including presentation files, web assets, etc.) via CMS, version control, and templates tools
  • Expertise in qualitative and/or quantitative research methodologies. Experience with field research preferred
  • Ability to manage multiple relationships involving collaborators with minimal backgrounds in research and social science
  • Network of relationships in communities of relevant social scientists preferred
  • Experience working in climate or other social issue advocacy a plus
  • A commitment to social and environmental justice. Familiarity with issues of race, systemic inequalities, and their intersections with climate and clean energy is a plus

Compensation and Location: This is a full-time position. This position comes with a very competitive salary and a generous benefits package. The Climate Advocacy Lab is located in San Francisco, and we have a strong preference for candidates located in, or willing to relocate to the Bay Area. Travel every other month is likely with this position.


Interested candidates should submit credentials and a letter of interest through The 360 Group at

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer with a commitment to economic and social justice, and do not discriminate against applicants on the basis of race, religion, gender, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or identity, or any other characteristic protected by law.  Women, people of color, LGBTQ people, and members of other historically disenfranchised populations are strongly encouraged to apply. We are actively seeking a diversity of experience and perspectives among our team, and are committed to building an inclusive workplace culture where all individuals can thrive.