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June 21, 2023
Deep Canvassing Lessons Learned with Kentuckians for the Commonwealth
August 29, 2023
Polling 101: What is it, when and how to utilize it

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Ask Me Anything with US Department of Energy Secretary Granholm

Climate Advocacy Lab

Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm went live for a special 30-minute “Ask me Anything” (AMA) exclusively for the Climate Advocacy Lab community. The US Department of Energy will be critical to the fight to stop climate change. Listen as community members ask questions of USDOE Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm. Our goal with this event is to get information to the field about the priorities of the US DOE and to uncover opportunities for the field to have more impact on these issues.

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Making a Clean Energy Future an Equitable One

The Climate Advocacy Lab with the Regulatory Assistance Project

In this webinar, the Lab team is joined by the Regulatory Assistance Project to explore recommendations from the new report Energy Infrastructure: Sources of Inequities and Policy Solutions for Improving Community Health and Wellbeing.

In addition to the report, participants also learn from advocates across the country fighting for an equitable clean energy future. Contributing speakers shared their reflections and lessons learned from a variety of perspectives on what it takes to achieve energy equity, including how they're financing low-income solar, how they're growing solar through state-level policy, and how to work in strong coalition.

Contributing speakers include: Donna Brutkoski, Communications Associate, Regulatory Assistance Project; Yesenia Rivera, Director of Energy Equity and Inclusion, Solar United Neighbors; and Jacqueline Hutchinson, Vice President of Operations, People’s Community Action Corporation.

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Webinar: What advocates can take away from 10 years of surveying "Climate Change in the American Mind"

Climate Advocacy Lab, Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

The "Alarmed" is the largest "Six Americas" segment for the first time. Americans in every congressional district are willing to join a climate campaign, if asked. We still aren't having enough conversations with family and friends about climate change.

10 years of surveys from Yale Program on Climate Change Communication (YPCCC) and George Mason Center for Climate Change Communication (4C) have yielded thousands of data points to help us better understand “Climate Change in the American Mind” – but teasing out actionable insights as an advocate can be challenging.

This webinar helps advocates dig through the data to uncover key climate opinion trends, learn about available tools for visualizing and tracking public opinion, and share examples of how partners have applied these insights to advance campaigns.

Our speakers and contributors included:

  • Joshua Low, Partnership Director at YPCCC
  • John Kotcher, Research Assistant Professor at 4C
  • Eric Fine, Project Manager at YPCCC
  • Parrish Bergquist, Post-Doc Associate at YPCCC

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Webinar: Winning By A Landslide: How we won the Portland Clean Energy Fund (PCEF)

Climate Advocacy Lab with Portland Clean Energy Fund

How did the alliance behind the Portland Clean Energy Fund (PCEF) move a visionary idea from concept to groundbreaking reality? In this webinar, the Climate Advocacy Lab was joined in conversation with members of the PCEF Steering Committee for an "under the hood" look at the campaign's insights, challenges, and lessons learned –– also captured in a new, interview-based report that captures the "anatomy" of the campaign. This campaign secured a landslide ballot measure victory in Portland in November 2018, establishing a multi-million dollar municipal fund that will address climate, economic, and racial justice by providing funding for renewable energy projects, job training and apprenticeship programs, and regenerative agriculture.

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Webinar: Our Power Puerto Rico: A campaign case study & framework for "Just Recovery"

Climate Advocacy Lab, Climate Justice Alliance

As communities and advocates worldwide work to respond adequately to increasing climate disasters, where can climate advocates find resources to advance just, equitable, and community-based disaster recovery?

In this webinar, Climate Advocacy Lab teamed up with Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) to discuss CJA's recently released multimedia report Our Power Puerto Rico: Moving Toward a Just Recovery (a project completed with support from the Lab!). During the conversation, authors, experts, and frontline organizers who contributed to the case study and report highlight tools (including the 'Just Recovery framework'), practices, and experiential lessons learned from applying a participatory model of "Just Recovery" to disaster response in Puerto Rico following hurricane María. 

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Webinar: Centering Equity in Climate Adaptation and Resilience –– with Asian Pacific Environmental Network and The Greenlining Institute

Climate Advocacy Lab, Asian Pacific Environmental Network & The Greenlining Institute

This conversation highlights findings from two reports focused on how the climate advocacy community can support equitable climate resilience (the ability of communities to adapt and thrive in the face of impacts from climate change) in climate policies and programs, as advocates nationwide are pushed to think beyond a frame of "simply" climate mitigation: Making Equity Real in Climate Adaptation and Community Resilience Policies and Programs: A Guidebook and Mapping Resilience: A Blueprint for Thriving in the Face of Climate Disasters.

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