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We create and synthesize research to answer advocates' key questions.

The Climate Advocacy Lab supports field research and experimentation projects that advance public engagement on climate and clean energy, and aims to help answer the community's biggest public engagement-related questions.

Does deep canvassing move the needle on climate at doors? Which microtargeting model is most effective for identifying climate action takers? What is enabling people of color-led community organizations to win? Does anti-Trump messaging motivate action taking? Are video- or image-based Facebook ads most effective? Can a ‘snowflake’ model of distributed organizing multiply staff impact?

How we work

The Lab and our in-house social scientists foster research and experimentation in a variety of ways, from conducting and commissioning original studies ourselves, to facilitating and participating in partnerships with social and data scientists and advocates on the ground, providing financial, training, and consulting support to projects, and building pathways for funder investments in critical research. And we complete the research-to-practice loop by leveraging these research findings to power the Lab’s best practice recommendations and training program.

We train advocates to work with five main categories of evidence to help ensure our efforts are resulting in the desired impact:

Consulting & Partnering

The Lab provides research expertise or relevant connections to other research experts for climate advocates seeking to answer questions that will enhance the effectiveness of their work and inform the community.


From time to time, the Lab provides funding for field research projects. We are not accepting grant proposals at this time.

Independent Research

The Lab conducts and commissions a limited amount of original research to inform the climate advocacy community, such as key-state survey experiments.

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Are you an advocate looking for research advice? A researcher looking for partners doing advocacy work in the field? We will connect you with other members of the Lab community interested in working together.

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