Testimonials from the lab community

“The resources the Lab provides has helped us shape our climate messaging to be more effective.”

Flora Cardoni


“Engaging with the Lab has helped instill a greater appreciation for data-driven decision making in our organization.”

Courtenay Tuxhorn

The Climate Reality Project

“The Lab provides a hub to learn about what has and hasn't worked elsewhere, access to powerful tools and findings, and helps us avoid doing redundant work.”

Matt Steffen

Illinois Environmental Council

“The Lab is a decision-support platform that the world needs more of!”

David Takahashi


“The Lab worked extensively through our first research project idea to connect to low propensity voters of color…they were amazing partners both in values and in utilizing their resources to support community-led work.”

Tiffany Mendoza

Front and Centered

“I regularly think back to, and shift my organizing, based on some of the evidence I've learned from Lab alerts and resources.”

Nikita Perumal

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

“Join the Lab. Even if you think your work isn't that climate focused...you'd be in the room with smart people who are thinking about how to solve problems facing all of us.”

Amit Mistry

Center for Popular Democracy

“The Climate Advocacy Lab is becoming a drawer in my proverbial toolchest of building persuasive stories.”

David Takahashi


“Being part of the Climate Advocacy Lab and gaining resources and connections has allowed me to make a strong case and transition my organization to a much better position for data-driven learning...”

Misha D. Clive

Vote Solar

“A benefit of working with the Lab is learning about experiments that other organizations have run and getting insights that I can apply to the work that I do. ”

Randall Smith


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Interactive U.S. mapping of climate opinions

Climate Chat

An everyday guide to the science of talking about climate change.

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