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A communication guide for IPCC climate scientists contains valuable insights for climate advocates as well, such as to focus on day-to-day experience, local stories, and values...

Adam Corner, Chris Shaw, and Jamie Clarke. Climate Outreach. | 01/30/18

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Climate engagement resources organized by state


Yale Climate Opinion Maps

Interactive U.S. mapping of climate opinions

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An everyday guide to the science of talking about climate change.

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The Lab is hiring! We are looking for a Social Science and Content Coordinator to join our team (San Francisco preferred).

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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

A survey of individuals living near U.S. wind power projects focused on understanding how U.S. communities are reacting to the deployment of wind turbines and providing insights to communities considering wind projects...

ecoAmerica, Lake Research Partners

As the soon to be largest living generation in the United States, Millennials are an influential demographic for the climate movement. A recent study reveals encouraging trends in climate attitudes and behaviors, with...


More than half of Americans in the West say they have personally felt the impact of climate change, the highest percentage of any region. The percentage in the West has risen nine points since early January, the last...