The Lab fosters a growing, multiracial, cross-class learning community that works to build durable power and win equitable solutions on climate.

Lab Community Happy Hour, April 2023
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Lab membership is for anyone who is interested in learning, leading, and implementing evidence-based insights that build durable power and win equitable solutions to address the climate crisis. Our community includes climate advocates, organizers, activists, policy wonks, campaign managers, communicators, as well as social scientists, data analysts, funders, and movement support partners.

By becoming a Lab member (for free), you join a diverse, joyful, and vibrant 3,700+ member-strong community. The only requirement for membership is a genuine engagement in the climate movement, and the only restrictions are that we are unable to accept government employees, elected officials, or political candidates (and folks affiliated with candidate campaigns).

Benefits of Climate Advocacy Lab Membership

Lab membership gives you access to these member-exclusive resources and opportunities:

  • Build your skills by attending an upcoming training or by checking out a guide on a foundational topic, like campaign planning.
  • Connect with other learning-oriented folks in the climate movement through the Lab’s Slack community and our member directory.
  • Search the complete contents of our Resource Library, many of which are exclusively available to Lab members. The library contains articles, case studies, social science papers, presentations, and trainings that can help you identify and apply actionable insights to support your climate work.
  • Contribute to or follow our Job Board, which is updated each week and features recently posted job opportunities in the climate advocacy space.
  • Receive our weekly Thursday newsletters to stay up-to-date and further your learning on the latest in evidence-based advocacy. Plus, you can review past newsletters on the Insights blog.
Resources to Get Started

There are so many amazing resources to support evidence-based practice. The Lab’s resource library alone has over 4,000 resources! Here are some of our most-loved resources:

  • Lessons Learned: How NY Renews Won The Nation’s Strongest Climate Policy by Maritza Silca-Farrell (ALIGN NY), Eddie Bautista (NYC-Environmental Justice Alliance), & Nathan Wilcox (consulting for the Lab) – This resource summarizes how NY Renews, a broad and diverse coalition, used evidence-based advocacy to win the Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act in 2019. Available to Members Only
  • Building our Critical Capacities by Dominique Thomas – This resource orients to the “critical capacities” framework built from Twitter and Teargas by social scientist Zeynep Tufecki that breaks down the assumption that more scale = more power. Social movement research suggests that building durable power is more complicated than scale alone – we must channel our resources toward building key capacities and understand how to utilize that capacity strategically. Available to Members Only
  • Notable Research & Insights from 2022 by Justin Rolfe-Redding – A compilation of new learnings and reflections on building a multiracial, cross-class climate movement, shaping climate & environmental justice strategy, and how to build & wield power. Available to Members Only
  • An Approach to Understanding and Measuring People Power by Hahrie Han & the P3 Lab Team – This resource condenses many takeaways from Prisms of the People into a shorter, more application-focused read for people who are not going to read the whole book. Check this out if you want to measure the impacts of your organizing; have influence on a budget allocation/staffing resources in an organization; or, are a data or social scientist looking to engage in a research-practice partnership.
Hear from Lab Members
Overall, the study was extremely valuable to our team in that we were able to learn and practice communication in a narrative framework to our base, and we currently still use these narratives in our communications. Storytelling is powerful, and we’re grateful for this opportunity to explore it more deeply. Working with the team at the Lab was one of the highlights of the experiment. They are responsive, friendly, knowledgeable, and skilled.
During TFI, I have truly gained so many skills, but also underwent personal growth and witnessed tangible results in our campaigns and organization. The knowledge and skills I acquired have empowered me to become a more effective climate advocate, equipped with evidence-based organizing strategies.
My favorite part of this experience was connecting with my peers in this program. Making these connections and having an opportunity to meet and learn from leaders in climate and health around the country was such a fun experience! We were able to bounce off of each other to problem-solve challenges we are facing, learn from each other, and set up opportunities for collaborations going forward. Knowing there is such great climate leadership occurring across the country in the space of climate and health provides me with a newfound sense of hope and motivation.