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American Climate Perspectives March 2019: Health Is A Major Motivator for American Climate Action
ecoAmerica, Lake Research Partners

Over Half of Americans Report Experiencing Health Impacts from Climate Change: A majority (60%) report being affected by record heat waves during summer, which can cause heat strokes and dehydration. About half (49%) report being affected by more damage and harm from extreme weather. And, nearly half (45%) report being affected by breathing problems, such as asthma.

Americans Believe that Creating a Safe and Healthy Climate is a Moral Imperative: Nearly 9 in 10 Americans believe that we have a moral responsibility to create a safe and healthy climate for ourselves and our children. 71% believe this more intensely (marking ‘strongly agree’ in their selection), an intensity level that is up 7- points from 64% in 2015.

Two in Three Americans Understand that Climate Solutions Benefit Their Health: A majority (66%) of Americans believe that if the U.S. took steps to prevent climate change, it would improve their health. Another 9% of Americans are not sure whether climate solutions would benefit or harm their health, and 23% more believe it would make no difference.

Americans Trust Health Professionals for Information and Guidance on Climate Change: Nearly two thirds of Americans trust health professionals on climate change, for both information (64%) and guidance (62%) on the issue. Interestingly, only 19% of Americans report recently hearing about climate change from health professionals.