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American Climate Perspectives May 2018: The Influence of Health and Faith on Climate
ecoAmerica, Lake Research Partners

Americans Trust Health leaders for Climate Information: Health professionals are the second most trusted messengers for information on climate change (62% nationally), just after scientists (70%), with a 5-point increase since 2015. Unfortunately, only 20% of Americans report hearing about the climate from health professionals.

Americans are Feeling the Health-Related Impacts from Climate Change: More than half of Americans report related health impacts—and it’s on the rise. For example, 50% of Americans are reporting breathing problems with a 7-point increase since 2015. 67% of Americans are increasingly correlating climate action with the benefit of better health (40% strongly agreeing, which is up 16-points since 2015)

Growing Trust in Faith Leadership on Climate: Although only 10% of Americans nationwide are currently hearing about climate change from faith leaders, four times as many people (39% nationally) trust faith leaders as messengers on the topic and nearly one in four (24%) Americans are already talking about climate change at their place of worship.