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Environmental Polling Roundup - January 5th, 2024
David Gold, Environmental Polling Consortium

This post includes climate and environment headlines, data points, and key takeaways from recent public polls - including recent polling on climate and clean energy policies, international action on climate change, electric vehicle manufacturing, and Americans’ top issue priorities for 2024.



Americans widely prefer that presidential candidates include clean energy subsidies for consumers in their platforms; overwhelming majorities support climate-friendly policies such as making it easier to build clean energy infrastructure and incentivizing energy efficiency [Article]

Data for Progress
Following COP28, “concern” and “worry” are voters’ most common reactions to hearing that the world is falling short on limiting global warming [ArticleCrosstabs]

Climate change and the environment rank as Democrats’ top issue priority for 2024 [Article]

Michigan residents support the state investing in EVs and anticipate that most vehicle sales will be EVs within the next 20 years; top messages frame domestic EV manufacturing as a way to keep the auto industry in Michigan long-term and to prevent job losses to other states and China [ReleaseDeck]



We are entering another election year with climate and the environment as paramount issues for Democratic voters. Climate change and choice consistently ranked among the top issues for Democratic voters in polls conducted during the 2022 election cycle, and a new AP-NORC poll finds that climate change and foreign policy are now Democrats’ top issue priorities heading into 2024. 
The IRA’s consumer incentives are winning policies. Heatmap finds that voters are more likely to vote for presidential candidates who include subsidies for climate-friendly purchases such as electric vehicles, heat pumps, and home solar panels in their issue platforms. Additionally, the poll finds that consumer incentives for home energy efficiency continue to rank among the most popular climate policy proposals.



[Energy Efficiency] 85% of Americans support tax incentives to make homes more energy efficient [Heatmap]
[Energy Efficiency] 80% of Americans support tax incentives to make businesses more energy efficient [Heatmap]
[Energy Efficiency] 77% of Americans support enforcing stricter energy efficiency standards for buildings and appliances [Heatmap]
[Clean Energy] 83% of Americans support making it easier to build new solar power plants [Heatmap]
[Clean Energy] 79% of Americans support making it easier to build new wind farms [Heatmap]
[Justice] 78% of Americans support implementing policies that address environmental injustices and disparities in low-income and minority communities [Heatmap]
[Polluter Accountability] 76% of Americans support establishing a carbon tax on large polluters [Heatmap]