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Messy Conversations: How to Talk to Kids about Climate Change, with Mary Annaïse Heglar
Amy Westervelt. Hot Take
How should we talk to kids about climate change? The world is beautiful, but the world is changing—and you can play a part in the change. Mary Annaïse Heglar's first book is out today, and it's a children's book about climate change. It's the first of three climate books Mary has coming out in the near future (the other two are a novel, called Troubled Waters, and an essay collection of Black writers on climate). She has been busy writing up a storm since we wrapped up Hot Take (and we've roped her into editing stories for Drilled, too). In this episode we talk about her books, what's happening in climate media in general, and the question Amy gets asked all the time and can't answer very well: How do you talk to kids about climate change.