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Mobilizing Americans After a Climate Disaster
We Make The Future and ASO Communications

Campaigners, communicators, and community leaders can use the following guidance to mobilize and move our base and persuadable audiences to call out for action and leadership that will protect our climate, our families and our futures. To make effective calls for action, people need a clear sense that we cannot merely survive but we can actually confront our problems in order to live better lives. Combine calls to action, such as holding fossil fuel corporations accountable in the aftermath of these events, with a vision for the better future we will create. It’s critical that we make it clear who is at fault for the disasters that we are facing – the wealthy corporations, Big Oil, fossil fuel CEOs and the politicians they pay for who want to keep hoarding our wealth, blocking the policies we want and need, and refusing to pay for the damage they’ve done to our lives and the places we call home. For overall best messaging practices, lead with values, naming that they’re shared across races, classes and backgrounds. Name the culprits behind this crisis and ascribe motivations behind their actions to perpetuate harm and block solutions. Combat cynicism by highlighting past and recent victories we’ve achieved by coming together. And make clear our desired destination by connecting action in the present with our vision for the future.