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More Educational Outreach on Extreme Heat Needed in the Midwest and Southwest
Raffaele Sindoni Saposhnik, Liz Neyens, Spencer Blackwood, Jennifer Carman and Jennifer Marlon. Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

There's a need for more educational outreach on extreme heat, especially in the midwest and southwest. Public opinion estimates from the Yale Climate Opinion Maps show that 65% of Americans were “very” or “somewhat” worried about global warming in the fall of 2021, with substantial county-level variation. Nationally, only 47% of Americans think they will be personally harmed by global warming. Of greatest concern are the counties primarily in the Midwest that have relatively high exposure to extreme heat but lower-than-average levels of worry about global warming. The 217 counties that fall into the “Higher Exposure, Lower Worry” category about 6.4M people (2.6% of U.S. population). Analysis of the socioeconomic characteristics of these counties show that they have a median household income of around $57K per year, which is about 9% below the overall median household income in the United States ($62K).