Public Resource
A Nationwide Study of the Electric Vehicle Shopping Experience
Sierra Club

This report examines the availability of EVs being sold at car dealerships and the barriers to consumers who are in the market for an EV. Key findings include:

  • 66% of car dealerships nationwide did not have a single EV available for sale. 
  • Supply chain, inventory issues, and automaker allocation of EVs to dealerships created EV availability barriers. Of the 66% of car dealerships that did not have an EV for sale, 44% reported they would offer an EV for sale if they could get one, while 45% of those dealers reported they would not offer an EV for sale regardless of automaker allocation and supply chain constraints.
  • Mercedes-Benz (owned by Daimler AG) had the best EV availability among car brands: 90% of the Mercedes-Benz dealerships surveyed had an EV available for sale. While Toyota and Honda had the worst EV availability. Only 11% of Honda dealers and 15% of Toyota dealers had an EV available for sale.