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People’s Justice40+ Community Benefit Plan Playbook: A Guide to Capturing Federal Infrastructure Investments
Emerald Cities Collaborative

Federal infrastructure and climate investments have the chance to significantly benefit the communities that need them most. This playbook offers frontline groups and community organizations guidance for developing plans to harness the infrastructure investments of major federal initiatives – such as the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act – to meet community needs. This playbook will answer a range of questions about the different federal spending bills, including: What are the various bills? How much money is available? What kind of money is it – grants, loans, contracts? What are the restrictions? What can the money be used for? How will the money flow from the federal government to state and local governments? Who is eligible to get the money? What are the potential community benefits? How can you influence how the money is spent? How can you organize your own community benefit strategy and plan? Where can you get more information and technical support?