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Poll: December 2020 CEN Post-Election National Survey
Conservative Energy Network with Public Opinion Strategies

This was a national survey of 1000 voters nationally on climate. This survey polled members on a myriad of different topic areas from clean energy, domestic energy production, oresidential ballot test, political environment to climate change. 

Key findings: 

1. Eighty-four percent (84%) of voters support the government accelerating the development and use of clean energy in the United States.

2. These data consistently show that over 70% of voters favor the government taking steps to reduce emissions of gases like carbon dioxide and methane emissions that cause global climate change.

3. The majority of voters (55%) say climate change was important to how they voted in the November 2020 election.

4. Nearly three-quarters of voters say it is important that a candidate for political office shares a similar opinion on clean energy issues.

5. Voters trust the Democratic Party with energy and environmental issues over the GOP.

6. Politically, voters are decidedly more likely (68%) to vote for a Republican candidate who embraces an innovation-based approach to addressing climate change.

7. Congressional Republicans would be advised to embrace a conservative approach to addressing clean energy by prioritizing technology innovation and competition.

8. Clean energy is an electoral winner, two-thirds (68%) of voters would vote for a candidate who supports clean energy development like wind and solar.