Poll: Nearly half of voters oppose Trump's clean cars rollback

49% of voters nationwide "somewhat" or "strongly" oppose the Trump administration's proposed weakening of federal vehicle emissions standards, while 32% somewhat or strongly support it--though 40% of voters had heard "not much" or "nothing at all" about the proposal, according to this poll on a variety of issues conducted August 2-6. Voters said the most negative impacts of the proposal would fall on the environment, with 46% saying it would strongly or somewhat hurt the environment, while opinions were more evenly split on the proposal's impacts on the economy and consumers. (Lab note: the poll's inclusion of "Trump" and "Obama-era" to describe the car standards, and a focus on divisive issues (guns, racism, Russia) in the rest of the poll, could have made responses more partisan than would otherwise be the case). See pages 5, 19 and 20 in the attached pdf for cars-related questions, and see media coverage in The Hill

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Morning Consult - Politico
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