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Poll: Nonmetropolitan Nebraskans’ Opinions about Water, Climate, and Energy
Rebecca Vogt et al., University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Analysis of the Nebraska Rural poll revealed interesting insights about climate, energy, and water issues:

  • Rural Nebraskans’ concerns about severe weather events have fluctuated over time --  at least one-half of rural Nebraskans are concerned or very concerned about more severe droughts or dry periods (55%) and more extreme summer temperatures (50%). 
  • A slight majority of rural Nebraskans agree that human activity is contributing to climate change.
  • Most rural Nebraskans both agree that we will learn to live with and adapt to climate change (63%) and that we have a responsibility to future generations to reduce the effects of climate change (59%).
  • Rural Nebraskans are less supportive of additional investment in wind and solar energy than they were in 2015.