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Poll: Strong support for the EPA implementing stricter limits on carbon emissions from heavy-duty vehicles
Global Strategy Group for the American Lung Association

A new national survey  shows that voters overwhelmingly support the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) implementing stricter limits on air pollution and placing a priority on cleaning up pollution in America’s most polluted neighborhoods. Consequently, voters strongly support the EPA implementing stronger limits on carbon emissions from heavy-duty vehicles, like tractor trailers, buses, and delivery vans. Voters plainly identify the environmental and health benefits that would come from stronger standards on carbon emissions from heavy-duty vehicles, and they reject the idea that stricter standards would damage the economy or drive up the cost of living. In fact, voters both prioritize the potential health impact of these standards over their potential economic impact AND, when push comes to shove, believe that these standards will end up creating jobs and improving the economy by encouraging innovation. Moreover, even after being exposed to a simulated debate (including arguments from opponents focused on the supposed financial costs of electric vehicles for small businesses and American consumers), two-thirds of voters continue to support stricter standards on carbon emissions for heavy-duty vehicles.